Courage for the Everyday

Fear is an emotion we all feel at some point in our lives.   It is a healthy emotion as it can sometimes save your life.   For instance,  if you are fearful of a bear you won't approach it,  or the adrenaline produced by fear can give you the strength to survive a dangerous situation.   Our... Continue Reading →


To All New Heights

Quite often as a parent we say that we will get around to doing the things we like to do sooner or later.  The good old, someday I'll have time to.....  The problem with that is that time has a way of slipping through our fingers and after a while we find ourselves in a... Continue Reading →

My Techno Love Affair

I drive my husband mad with my techno mini obsession.  He doesn't understand it all as he is not a fan of computers, smart phones or gadgets.  He has other interests.  And that's fine; we can't like all the same things!  Technology is a hard thing to have a love affair with though.  It is... Continue Reading →

New Tricks

One of my strongest memories from childhood is baking with my mother and grandmother.  I loved it!  We made everything from cakes, to bread, to muffins.  I think my favorite thing to make though, was cookies.   mostly because the batter tastes as good as the finished product!  It was a special time for me,... Continue Reading →

I LOVE To Work

OK maybe love is too strong a word here but I am one of those people who needs to work.   I'm just like everyone else where I look forward to my days off and often get sick of the daily grind of working,  but I need to know that grind is gonna be there.  I... Continue Reading →

From the Ground Up

Sometimes my head spins with the realization of all the changes that have taken place in my life over the last 3 months.  As painful or difficult as some of those changes have been, they have all lead me to a better place.  My family is experiencing true happiness and freedom now. We are really... Continue Reading →

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