I LOVE To Work

OK maybe love is too strong a word here but I am one of those people who needs to work.   I’m just like everyone else where I look forward to my days off and often get sick of the daily grind of working,  but I need to know that grind is gonna be there.  I must get this from my father,  “Mr.  Workaholic”  although my mom’s worked her whole life too,  as well as all my grandparents before them.

I babysat when I was about 11/12 years old.   Took the course and everything.   Then when I was 14 I got my first job…. At Burger King.   I stuck with that job all through high school and finally walked away at age 19.  For the next few years,  while in school I did many small jobs,  like reception work at the University, telemarketing and kitchen work.  Then I became a PSW and I did that until I became pregnant with our daughter.   Having kids precipitated my not being able to work for 6 years.   It wasn’t cost effective daycare wise,  nor was it logistically possible with my husband being away from home all week.   So I became that 1950’s stay at home mom that cleans the house,  cooks the meals and takes care of her family.   It wasn’t easy.   It is hard work being at home all the time and dealing with a household alone.   But I liked it as it gave me the chance to be there for and with my kids.

Then school for all three kids magically appeared and with it my opportunity to regain some of the pieces of myself I had neglected.  Like the working me.   It’s not easy working and coming home to clean, take care of kids and cook.   But I have an awesome partner in my husband and he takes on half the responsibility.   Still it feels so good to be able to go somewhere and be important.  To make a difference and contribute to the world again.   It also feels good to get a pay cheque every two weeks!


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