My Techno Love Affair

I drive my husband mad with my techno mini obsession.  He doesn’t understand it all as he is not a fan of computers, smart phones or gadgets.  He has other interests.  And that’s fine; we can’t like all the same things!  Technology is a hard thing to have a love affair with though.  It is expensive, easily broken and constantly being updated so that you are never completely at the point of having the “best”.  I have to admit that as much as I like technology it also frustrates me immensely.   This is probably because I know enough about it to get me in trouble but not necessarily out of it.  I have a strong desire to learn, but not the time or resources.  So i am a dabbler of sorts.  This doesn’t stop me from downloaded too many apps, or pinning over the latest tablet that I sooooo want.  It only keeps me at bay, much to my husband’s relief!


About four years ago our Mac died.  It was a said thing.  We had it for about four years and weren’t expecting it to quit working so soon, but i think technology has a short shelf life!  At the time I was feed up with the compatibility issues that were common with Mac’s.  From document formats to internet sites not loading, it was frustrating to be so out of the loop.  So we decided our next computer would be a regular laptop.  Back to Microsoft.  And 3 years ago my dad bought my the HP laptop I’m using now as an xmas gift.  Yes he is just that nice!  I also choose to take the Android route  with our cell phones as well.  Now I miss my Mac and am pinning over the iPhone.


There were so many things the Macintosh computers do that lend themselves to my hobbies, like photography and videography, that I have not found to be existent or user-friendly on the PC.  I’m sure that some could point out some ways that I can find these things, but I liked the format Apple has.  And having spoken to many Apple users, I have found that the compatibility issues of the past are long gone.  Not surprising when the Apple store is all you see.  Android is very far behind still in making the cool apps available that Apple has.  And the texting app on the phones are terrible!  The problem of course is that Apple is and always has been more expensive.  Maybe for good reason, but…..


So I guess my point is that I am pinning over new gadgets that I can’t have.  I wish I could have an obsession that involved liking what I already have.   But that would be too easy right.



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