To All New Heights

Quite often as a parent we say that we will get around to doing the things we like to do sooner or later.  The good old, someday I’ll have time to…..  The problem with that is that time has a way of slipping through our fingers and after a while we find ourselves in a slump where we are never doing things for ourselves anymore.   Trust me I know, I’m there!  Or at least I was.


My husband and I share a love of the outdoors, and of going for long walks in it.  Hiking seemed like a natural hobby for us to take up and since there are MANY trails in the town we moved to, now is as good a time as any to start.  There always seemed to be some reason though why we couldn’t set aside the time to do it.  Work, kids, or weather being the main culprits.  So when my husband took the afternoon off work on Tuesday to surprise me with the chance to go for a hike, I was thrilled.  After all i had just bought myself a new pair of hiking boots!  He had done the trail the week before on his own and described it too me, but I was unprepared for what lay before us.




As you can see this is a designated trail that is somewhat maintained by volunteers.  Thankfully the trails are marked so getting lost is a harder task than usual.  We knew ahead of time that this would be a challenging trail, about 2 hours long, going around a lake and up and down hills.  I didn’t realize though, just how much of a climb up it would be.



The hike up was a steep one, over rough terrain of rocks and fallen trees.  I was quite out of breath by the time we reached the top, and I must confess there were times when I didn’t think I would make it up.  Once at the top though, It was exhilarating!  I felt so alive and happy.  The satisfaction of having conquered a challenge is something to strive for, and the views once on top of the hill are definitely worth climbing for.




Getting to share some time with my husband hiking through this beautiful forest and stopping to enjoy the sights was refreshing.  Just having some time to enjoy the quiet and being alone again was nice.  Alone time is not something you get much of when you have three young kids.  Dates don’t have to just involve dinner and movies, they can also be about enjoying time together doing the things you love.  Finding common ground is very important in any relationship.  We hope to make adventures like this one part of our weekly schedule.   After all we burned over 600 calories on the hike, and who doesn’t want to burn calories!








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