Courage for the Everyday

Fear is an emotion we all feel at some point in our lives.   It is a healthy emotion as it can sometimes save your life.   For instance,  if you are fearful of a bear you won’t approach it,  or the adrenaline produced by fear can give you the strength to survive a dangerous situation.   Our instincts can sometimes present themselves as fear,  giving us a heads up to a potential threat,  like a stranger who may be out to harm us.   But fear can also be a hindrance to our lives and futures.


How many of us fail to try new things, or take chances to achieve great things, because we fear failure or the unknown?  Fear can stop us from doing some of the simplest tasks.   Everyday lots of people shy away from speaking publicly because they fear being ridiculed, or looking ridiculous.  These people miss out on many experiences and opportunities.  Taking a chance can be a complex ordeal, but often when we do, we gain knowledge about ourselves and many good things can come out of it.  Overcoming our fear is a huge part of our growth as people.  When we conquer challenges we gain self-confidence.


For a long time I have been fearful of taking chances.  I have been a play it safe kind of girl and although I may not be ready to jump out of an airplane, I  am ready to stop being afraid to live my life for happiness; not only my children’s, but my own.  I am ready to embrace my individuality and celebrate my life as worth living to the fullest.  I wont let fear dictate whether I try new things and explore the things I love.  Life is after all short and time does move faster than we all like, so why waste it living in the darkness of fear.





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