All In How You Say It

I have recently taken up the task of learning a new language; French.  As a Canadian, I took french in grade school and a fair amount of the province in which I live speaks the language.  I didn't however take learning it as seriously as a kid as I do now.  There have been many... Continue Reading →


The Gift of Image

We are our children's window to the world.  The way we behave, present ourselves physically and emotionally and the value we put on ourselves, are all taken in and assimilated by our children.  We are their model of how to be a person.  Now of course every child has their own personality, level of intelligence... Continue Reading →

Life In The Moment

Everyday is a series of little moments, some good, some bad, that add up to a whole experience. If we could just live each of these moments fully and take from them all they have to give, we'd live much richer lives.

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