Life In The Moment

Do you ever have those “ah hah” moments?  Moments when you realize what’s really important in life and you feel happy and humble.  They don’t necessarily come with huge life changes, or big exciting events or even bad situations; sometimes they just come to you while you’re making breakfast for your family and listening to your kids build Lego city with Daddy.  Sometimes they come when you hear kids expressing affection towards each other, or working together on a task.  Maybe your moment comes when you’ve just finished exercising or finally have a quiet house.  Whatever or whenever your moments are, the real question is what do you make of them?

So often we ignore our inner voices.  Whether they are yelling good or bad messages at us, we don’t take this as seriously as we should.   I know for a long time I didn’t.  But just like all the other creatures on earth we have a whole array of instincts that determine our survival and prosperity.  We of course have the ability to add reason and reckoning into the mix so that we can make more complex conclusions, but I think we have lost the ability to listen to our bassist form of intelligence.  So when we have these “ah hah” moments, we don’t necessarily take them seriously.  It’s a shame really.  Life is too short to miss the joy we have.  Everyday is a series of little moments, some good, some bad, that add up to a whole experience.  If we could just live each of these moments fully and take from them all they have to give, we’d live much richer lives.  Unfortunately our lives are so fast paced and full of stresses that sometimes it’s hard to enjoy the big moments let alone the small.  I am constantly striving to live in the moment, taking whatever comes in stride; especially when it comes to my kids.  Now that I work and am not home as much as I once was, time spent with my kids has a great deal of meaning.  It is during these times I get my “ah hah” moments and relish in the smiles that cross my face.


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