All In How You Say It

I have recently taken up the task of learning a new language; French.  As a Canadian, I took french in grade school and a fair amount of the province in which I live speaks the language.  I didn’t however take learning it as seriously as a kid as I do now.  There have been many times in my life when I have regretted not knowing have to speak french and repeatedly kicked myself for not being smarter in my youth.  Which definitely hurts by the way!


I went the route of getting Rosetta Stone, to be my primary learning method, but on the advice of my french speaking colleague, I am also employing other methods too.    She very wisely suggested that I try reading kids or baby books in french.  Ones that have pictures and the words.  She also suggested watching kids TV shows in french, because if it can teach little kids, perhaps there is hope for me.  I think this is a brilliant idea.  So I am endeavoring to put it to use.  The hardest and perhaps most important part of learning something new is practice and consistency.    It will mean nothing if I do not put what I learn to use.  I find that making time to do my lessons and practice are not easy, but I am determined and if I can set aside time throughout the day to do each of these things, I think I have a shot at learning it!  I know another thing added to the list of things to do (take care of kids, husband and home, exercise, sleep, eat, write).


Sometimes I feel that I am getting dumber with age.  My memory is not as sharp, my attention span is not as long and my motivation to learn is somewhat diminishing.  I think that this undertaking is an attempt to reverse these effects.   It is a kind of jump-start for my brain.  After all they say that it isn’t too late, as long as you keep your brain active you can continue to learn and improve throughout your life.  This idea gives me hope, for I want my kids to see me a smart person.  I feel as though I am a smart person, with just a little too much dust on the shelves!


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