I’ll Be Waiting

I am not particularly proud to be Canadian.  This is a sad statement considering that Remembrance Day is soon upon us and the shrinking population of WWII veterans that fought for our country would be dishonored by it.  Not to mention the continual effort by today’s and more recent soldiers who lay their life on the line for our country.   But there is not much to be proud of when our leaders make a mockery of this fair land!


We have a huge and beautiful country that boasts both a vast variety of scenery and natural resources that could take your breath away.  Our population is wonderfully diversified and unique even to itself.  Yet we have no unity.  There is no common love that binds us under our flag and raises our spirits, arms and fortitude to show pride and commitment to the country.  There is an never-ending list of disputes that our Native citizens still fight.  Instead of resolving and correcting the relationship our government and industry have with this diverse and ailing portion of society, they continue to repeat past mistakes.


Our government officials feel themselves above the law and unaccountable to the people.  They are a mockery that could pass for clowns on display in our media, another institution that is full of corruption and has given up caring about reporting the truth and holding to morals and ideals.  Give any of them a little power and all will abuse it!    The government accomplishes little in their jobs and allow big corporations to reap the pockets of their citizens, all while making no major improvements or taking any stand in the world sphere.   As a result, we may as well be invisible.


As a people we still have not learned to embrace the qualities that make the groups in our society different and come together to fight as one to protect that.  We have become apathetic.


You might argue that this makes us no different from most countries in the world and that our country’s wealth and prosperity should be enough to make me grateful.  I am grateful to live in Canada.  I have no illusions that there are many places in the world where even a roof over your head would be considered a luxury.   I would also agree that other world leaders show poor form and lack of conscience.  However, I would put to you that our wealth, diversity and resources should instead put us at the fore front of change, growth and innovation.   That we should be able to come to the world with something incredible to offer and set an example of greatness.  We should also be able to look ourselves in the “mirror” and reconcile that we can treat ourselves, each other and our land with the respect and dignity they deserve.


So until this day comes closer, or at least more steps are taken towards it;  I will not say I am proud to be Canadian;  just waiting for the day that I can be.


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