I Hear Stories In My Head

For as long as I can remember I’ve had a whirlwind of adventures, tragedies, poems, romances and anything else you can think of, invading my head. This is very possibly quit normal for a writer, but it can also be quit noisy!

The main problem I have with this constant creative invasion, is my lack of motivation in writing them down for others to hear. I have of course written many out to varying degrees of completion. However I find that my mind tends to work faster than my pen and by the time I get to the recording of my tales, another has rudely taken over the space in my head. This is problematic if you aspire to be a published author. That great novel, seems more than a little out of reach when you rarely get the ending down on paper!

In grade school a teacher asked us to write a short story every month. The best were put on display for the class to read. Mine was a series every month, because I never got around to writing the end. Everyone enjoyed them but I found myself disappointed in my not providing my best work. I then realized poetry may be a better form for my procrastinating, and unmotivated style.

Perhaps I learned to suppress the need to right in leu of other activities, (often the case now) or I have a deep fear that no one will want to read it after all. Mostly I just a lack the drive to produce and share. Something I am set on changing. Mind you I wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for a novel just yet. For now let’s shoot for publishing here more consistently.


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