We’re Done……Except For One More Thing

Every year my husband and I set a limit, make a plan for the gifts we will give our kids for Xmas, and inevitably every year we screw it up!  No matter how hard we try we never seem to stick to our intentions.  Things get bigger and more gifts get bought, all in the name of our kids’ happiness.  On the whole, we official suck at keeping on budget for Xmas.


This year we thought we had the perfect plan.  Lego all around and a supplementary gift of Stompeez each.  I started ordering online early and over the course of three months we had all our original gift intentions.  One small hick up.  The Stompeez were ordered from Sears and came in two orders.  The first we tucked away out of sight, the second we forgot about on the kitchen table, while putting groceries away, and were quickly discovered by our much too clever children!  BUSTED!!  So of course we had to give them all the Stumpeez then and there.  Which of course lead to the expensive conclusion that we had to by them something else.  So our perfect plan was once again blown out of the water.  Now I have all the gifts nicely wrapped and tucked away, and thanks to the marvels of commercials and kids’ imaginations, mine are asking for things I never would have thought of getting them.  GREAT!  I hate to disappoint my kids at the most magical time of year, but really at some point a line must be drawn.  After all the bank account only holds so much money. (At least that’s what I tell myself when I look at it)  I think we have to draw our line here.  I really do want to be officially done.  I am hoping that the marvelous gifts we have for them will make them forget the other things they didn’t get.


Do you find it hard to say no?  Is Xmas your worst enemy because you spend way too much trying to make your kids happy?  A coworker of mine is desperate to find the same girl Lego boat that we got our daughter, for hers and is thwarted by it being sold out.  I have found that ordering online does help somewhat with the quantity control.  I have a low limit on my credit card, so I can only buy so much.  In a store with everything right in front of you, it can seem intimidating, overwhelming and give you the opportunity to go wild.  I choose to shop online this year because of our remote location.  We don’t have any major stores that carry a lot for kids here in town, and the 2 hour each way drive to the closet location seemed like the last thing I wanted to do.  Besides, there are no lines, fighting over the last toy on the shelf,  cold dashes to the car from the store, or circling the parking lot trying to find a space.  Online shopping really is the most comfortable way to shop!  So now all I have to do is tune out the ongoing requests from my kids for more things and hope for the best on Xmas morning!


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