The Truth About Parenthood

Parenthood is the hardest job you will ever have!  There are no real breaks, no vacation time or sick days.  You will never sleep the same again and patience will take on a whole new meaning for you.  Your pay, or gratuity for parenthood is your children.  It is their smiles, laughter and their love.  If you need  another reason to lay your life down for another human being….parenthood isn’t for you.

I look back now and laugh at myself for reading books and thinking I would somehow have a clue what parenthood would entail.   It’s not in any book.  In fact, nothing can prepare you for parenthood.  It is the hardest and most wonderful role you will ever have.  Some days your children will more frustrated than any bad boss, tailgating jerk or lazy coworker could ever compare too.  You will have to walk away to keep from pulling your hair out and yelling.  You feel like talking to a brick wall would you more satisfaction.  Other days you will gaze in wonder at your children, with more pride, joy and love than you ever thought possible.  And everyday you will lay down your life to keep them safe and happy.


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