A Chance For Opportunity

It’ s funny the turns and twists that life takes.  How different circumstances play out in either a positive or negative way, or even start out as being one way and end up another.  One just never knows where their journey will take them, but learning to enjoy, embrace and be educated by the steps along the way is perhaps the most important life lesson one can learn.


I think everyone has one of those stories.  You know the ones that involve them going through some sort of hardship or crisis in their life.  The struggle of life is something ALL living things share.  We are all just trying to make the best out of whatever circumstance we find ourselves in.  I think that coming to this realization has taught me humility.  Tragedy does not make you special or unique, it makes you a part of life.  I say humility because it is very easy to judge people by the circumstances we see; by the exterior facade.  What isn’t easy is understanding that what lead to these circumstances, and the struggles of that person is something that we do not necessarily know or can appreciate.  So having compassion or reserving judgement can bring you a certain peace.


My own journey has not been one that I could have foreseen, but I can say that it has brought me to happy circumstances now.  We of course still have the ordinary everyday struggles of work, kids and home, but we find ourselves on the brink of a promising future.  I have hope and optimism for what lays ahead.  Something that I have long been without.  The path I now find myself on has so much potential and although I know that there will always be bumps in the road, there is so much that is going right and even set backs can be looked upon with a positive light.  Sometimes I think I am dreaming.   That all this good luck cannot possibly be real, and then some bad luck will strike and I know that it is real.  Even the bad, is fixable though.   And being able to see and believe that is what gives me hope.  More than anything it is seeing that there is a way, an alternative or answer.  For me that is all the difference in the world to feeling hopeful.  Because when you feel stuck or are paralyzed by fear and poor  decisions, it is hard to find hope and see that proverbial light at the end of the tunnel.  Viewing life as a possibility for new and exciting things is enough to uplift and spirit.  Keeping the positive the forefront of my thinking is perhaps the most hopeful thing I can do.


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