Always The Quiet One

I have always known that my one twin was a little more stealthy than the other two kids.  He is quiet and super cute, but if he wants something  he knows how to pull off the ninja act to get it.  He was the one to realize that he could use a chair to get up on the cupboard for cookies, for instance.  Today we reached a new level of sneaky.  Today he figured out that if he acted sick he would get to stay home from school.  Luckily, Mommy has been around the block a few times and saw right through his cute little facade.

One would think that he would love school as he is VERY smart.  Too smart really.  And he loves to learn.  For fun he writes out the alphabet and corresponding pictures for the letters.  He loves Leap Frog, the shows, the games, he is a little learner.   School though is not something he likes.  In fact he hates it.  Where he is advanced mentally he is behind socially.  He isn’t big on group activities or loud situations.  So school for him is an uncomfortable environment.  Still I didn’t think he would go quit this far.  

To be fair though, I think most of us tried this as kids.  Lets face it a lot of people try this as adults – sick days at work, used for “I don’t feel like going to work today” days.  Man I wish I had sick days.  So I’m not overly concerned that he would try the fake cough to stay home thing.  But I|do think it important that he saw that it didn’t work.  That when mommy and daddy saw him running  around the house building train tracks, he was immediately dressed and readied for school.  Score one for mom and dad!


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