Wake Up, Get Up, Hurry Up!

I am categorically NOT a morning person. No matter how much of my life I have spent getting up at horribly early hours to go to work, I just can’t get used to it. My kids are morning people. Well at least two of them. They missed the memo on sleeping in. But that doesn’t mean that they are easy to get ready for school in the morning. No it just means that there is more time to convince them that they need to hurry up.

I really don’t like the whole getting the kids ready for school thing. It’s a lot of work. Not only do you have to do the regular feed them, dress them and brush their teeth thing, but there’s that added element of making preparations for the rest of their day. School lunches are a nightmare in our house because not only do not all of my kids like the same thing, but they are all so picking there aren’t many choices of what to give them. It feels like I’m rolling the dice with every lunch. Will it get eaten or will it come home? Then there is the making sure you have their agenda, their homework, their hats and mitts. So now you have all that packed up, x3, and it’s time to peel them away from whatever they may be doing to get bundled up for the bus. And one never knows of the bus will be early, on time or late. Nothing against the driver, I used to be one I know how it is! By the time you get them out the door and on the bus you feel like you’ve just run a marathon and want to go back to bed. But you can’t because now you have to get you to where you need to be.

Yeah, I don’t like mornings!


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