A Life With A View

Our opinion of people, of jobs and of places is based on a few factors, like how we are raised. I think age and life experience also play a huge factor is the way we see things.

Like many teenagers I thought I knew it all and that the world would be laid out at my feet, especially if I went to university and got a degree. Of course I was about as good at knowing what career best suited me then as I am now, so my choice in subject matter in school soon became a scrambled mess if indecision. But what it didn’t become was a career. I had preconceived ideas about how important or desirable jobs were and a snobbish view on which were good enough for me. It’s funny how coming full circle in life can make you see how wrong you were. I find myself back at minimum wage jobs just trying to have a job to go to. I also find myself kicking myself for not grabbing hold of opportunities when I was young that I thought weren’t good enough.

You just never know where life is going take you. And most importantly you never know where life has taken other people. I feel humbled by the last few years of my life. Having had several traumatic events and having to return to work scrounging for anything I can get, has made me realize that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover. I have made it my goal not to be so judgemental of people because you just never know what fires they’ve had to walk through to be standing in front of you now. Most people would be shocked by my journey. You also can’t assume that just because a person’s livelihood dictates their personality and humanity. It isn’t at all easy not to judge. We are hard wired to do so. I think it’s a form of protection and a way for our brains to quickly make sense of our world. But I do think it’s important to try really hard to fight through that instinct and view life with a 360 degree eye. You just never know what you might see and what path might open up for you if you do.


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