Baby Slow Down

Do you ever feel time slipping through your fingers? Kids are very good at making time more tangent. Those moments when you become aware of the changes in them and see the growth. It becomes harder and harder to remember how small they were when you gave birth to them. To bring back the memories of what it felt like to hold them in your arms. All of them. And for them to have completely relied on you for everything. Seeing them be people and act, think and feel for themselves is an honour but also a heartache. After all we have so little time being their world and them letting us keep them close. Soon they will be too big. It makes me sad for purely selfish reasons. I know that the ultimate goal is to make them strong and smart enough to survive our crazy world on their own. But they are my loves. They are my life. And knowing that as they grow up they grow away is a sad realization.

My one twin came to me this morning and told me his tooth could wiggle against his tongue. I almost cried. He’s only five. My daughter, who is seven is well on her way to a half empty mouth at the moment, having just lost a bottom tooth and the front two being almost ready to pop. This is just another one if those milestones that makes you realize that they don’t stay little forever. And I feel like I’m flying through then faster than I’d like.

My friend and I held a baby shower for our pregnant friend yesterday. Putting it together, making her a blanket and shopping for baby stuff brought back a lot memories. Although I have to admit the first six months of the twins’ life is a blur. Still it seems so long ago now that I held and cared for a baby. I find myself hoping to be asked to babysit for my friend just to get the chance again.

Time is so fleeting. You blink and it’s gone. I know that there is still lost to look forward too. I’m being a bit melodramatic here. They are after all only seven and five. But having had so many babies at once made enjoying the time difficult. I’m sure others with twins or closely born kids can relate. I’d give anything to have even a few seconds back to enjoy what I was too tired to back then. The next best thing for me is soaking up all the moments now. Like my giant snuggle fest this morning before getting ready for school. I think I’m also going to invest in shares of Kleenex for the next thousand milestones!


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