Me, Myself and My Hair

My hair and I are having a fight again. I think it should do what I want and it thinks I’m crazy. That’s the problem with curly hair, much like it’s owner it had a mind of it’s own that cannot be convince to conform. It may cooperate for an hour or two. But ultimately it’s true nature comes out.

I’m at a point now where there is just so much if it and it’s just so long that I want to cut it off. Funny thing is, this is the cycle I go through. Cut it off. Wish it were long. Grow it out. Hate it. Cut it off. Sounds ridiculous. But hey who am I to stand in the way if tradition.

This of course leads us to problem number two. Finding someone to cut it. I have a real issue here. I either get a horrible hair cut or a good one the first time and a “you can’t tell it was cut” one if I go back again. So now I’m afraid to get a hair cut. However annoyance is a slightly stronger emotion for me so….. Stay tuned for when I actually get the time to do it.


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