Pet Privilages

How many of you have kids that beg you for a pet??? And how many of you have a pet for your kids, but you take care of it?? My daughter is driving us crazy asking for a puppy! And honestly neither my husband or I are ready for that commitment.

I can remember being a kid and begging for my own dog. I had fish and birds, but no dog. Now that I’m the parent I appreciate why I didn’t have one. I now get why my parents said no. I did finally break down and get two of our kids fish. They each got a beta fish to keep in their rooms. Still I know I’m the one who is gonna care for them. It is a good lesson in responsibility and caring for them, but they are young still and can’t be held fully responsible.

It’s not that I don’t want a dog, because I do. But I just started two new jobs and am working a lot, so I don’t have the time to commit let alone the energy. My daughter doesn’t understand this if course. She thinks with her heart still. Something I could be accused of too. I will be ready for a dog in the near future. But I feel the need to have some more time right now. After all, I could use some me time too!


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    1. Hey thanks for including me in your post!! I’m so sorry for your loss!! It is hard to lose any pet as they really are part of the family. I wish you well during this hard time!

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