What A Mess!

Can we move to a new house now, this one is messy!?

I probably say this once a week at least. My hubby and I are constantly cleaning and yet, messy house! I had NO IDEA kids could be THIS messy! And it’s not like we have a lot of stuff. My husband I have hardly anything. The kids have most of it, but even they don’t have an abundance of toys. It’s just that they seem to think that their stuff should be ALL OVER the house at ALL times.

Now I do tell them to clean up their toys and we have thrown out things because they didn’t pick them up when we asked, so they got swept up with the garbage. Somehow this doesn’t phase them. I’ve tried punishing and rewarding, but my kids seem to have developed an immunity to my orders. Everything always goes back to being messy again not ten minutes later.

So I’m thinking the solution is to start over. Just walk away and start again. What do you think? Will it work? Hmmm ya I guess not. I wonder if there’s a boot camp for this??!!! Ok so I don’t know the solution. Except that I keep harping and they keep messing. Ooo I know….. I need a maid!


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