Savour This Moment

“Savour this moment” is what my husband whispered in my ear while holding me in a loving embrace and kissing my neck. We were standing on our back deck, the kids running around us playing happily on a nice sunny Sunday. It was as if for that moment in time everything was perfect. The love surrounded us and shielded us from all realities. This doesn’t happen often, so when it does; when these quiet and peaceful moments happen, you really do need to savour them.

I am a healthcare worker, caring for the elderly, sick and disabled. For years I worked in long term care facilities were the elderly go to live out the final years of their lives. I have seen the future for my husband and I. Sometimes it pains me to know that someday one of us will get sick and that our relationship will turn into something else until that one of us dies. It will not be pretty and it will be exhausting and in the end, it will be a sad release. I know that there is a good chance that we will come to this many years from now and as sad as that makes me it also makes me truly appreciate what we have now. It makes me cling to and cherish these moments of love and affection while we can still have them.

Too depressing? Perhaps this is hard to relate too. But I’m sure every parent can relate to not having enough time for your partner because of life. Kids, work, social obligations, family all compete for our time and energy. So little moments like the one we shared on a sunny Sunday afternoon are important ones because they keep the love alive; the fires a burning and the magic from slipping away.

I consider myself a romantic. Not the flowers and candy kind, but the star crossed lover kind. I think romance does not come easy and is something that you have fight to have. I think that it rarely turns out with the happily ever after you hope for, but it does have those moments that you can’t live without and you would die to have. Most importantly I think that romance is worth every once of energy and painful lesson because it is the key to love, and no should have to live without love!

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