In the Dark

It’s a strange thing being awake when everyone else is asleep. Whether you are up all night on a night shift, caring for a child or just plain can’t sleep, having your waking hours when others are off to dreamland can really play with your body and mind.

I’ve been up all night for all of these reasons. Most recently it’s been for night shifts at work. My job is to literally watch people sleep and when you’re tired this can be a painful task. The thing is being up all night changes your day around completely and while you are upside down the rest of the world isn’t. So you feel even more out of place. It’s something you can get used too, but your whole life changes. When you are asleep everyone else is awake. And then at night the opposite is true.

Still I would hands down take a nightshift over an early morning 4 or 5 am shift. I am sooooo NOT a morning person and somehow I can cope better with being awake all night then up early in the morning. I know, I’m odd!

So now I’m working on finishing up a 56 hour week of nightshifts and all I can think of, is my nice, warm comfy bed. This is gonna be a long one!

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