Boy Was I Off!

So yesterday my soon to be eight year old asked me when is the first day of winter. So I tell her it's December 21. Then I say but I bet it snows a little tomorrow for Halloween. Me and my big mouth!!! So this morning I go to take the puppy out to pee... Continue Reading →


Please Don’t Die On Me!!!

And my love hate relationship with technology continues! My laptop is dying a slow and painful death. It started a year ago and I had it "fixed" but now it's started again. It freezes and shuts down. It is slow as anything. Problem is I know the technology is antiquated because it's all touch screen... Continue Reading →

I Don’t See It……Or Want To!

You know when you start putting on those extra pounds and you know you are on the way to bad things. When you stop looking in the mirror because if you can't see that you've gained weight, you haven't - sort of. Well ya I'm there.....AGAIN! It's so frustrating to make the same stupid mistakes... Continue Reading →

Falling in Love All Over Again

I've fallen in love again! I wasn't sure it could happen but it did. And I'm not the only one. The whole family has fallen madly in love with Lilly our Jack Russell Terrier puppy. I had hoped that getting a puppy would bring happiness, and fun to our family along with the lessons of... Continue Reading →

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