Please Don’t Die On Me!!!

And my love hate relationship with technology continues! My laptop is dying a slow and painful death. It started a year ago and I had it “fixed” but now it’s started again. It freezes and shuts down. It is slow as anything. Problem is I know the technology is antiquated because it’s all touch screen and tablets now so there is no replacing it in kind or upgrading it. Still I’m cheap and don’t want to replace it just yet.

To be honest for the most part I use my iPhone or even my husband’s iPad. So it’s not entirely necessary to my life. But I do have my Rosetta Stone French lessons on it and there are just some things that don’t translate well on phones and tablets.

So now I find myself begging and pleading. Even trying to fix it myself just to keep it going a little bit longer. At least until after Xmas. I mean Santa can only afford so many big ticket items right! And the kids ordered first *wink wink.


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