Sleepless Nights

So we have had our puppy for almost two months now and she is 3 months old. How has it been going, you ask. Well…’s not easy to care for such a young dog. They really are babies and ours is no exception. We still get up in the night and early morning to let her out for a pee ( and by we I mean me). And she absolutely refuses to walk outside in our now snow covered streets. Unless of course the kids are running ahead of her. And she is the BIGGEST suck you will ever see!!!

However, there is a positive side of course. We love her and she loves us! She makes the kids laugh in that awesome kid giggle that melts your heart. And she is a great companion to me and hubby. I have to admit, I love taking care of her. Just don’t ask me that at 3am or you’ll get a different answer! IMG_1630.JPG


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