We are born to fight. Not to argue or bicker, but to fight for our existence. It’s hard wired in us to live, survive so no matter what life throws at us our first and strongest instinct is to fight.

Our bodies do it naturally. Without us thinking about it our bodies will do everything within its power to keep us alive. This is how we overcome tragedy, loss and injury. We have it deep within us to push forward, adapt and redefine ourselves. It is an incredible part of nature that we share with all living creatures. It’s amazing what we can conquer in the face of fear, uncertainty and death. Our minds follow suit with our bodies and we are nearly unstoppable. Nearly. After all we can’t be invincible.

Sometimes though this instinct can be more of a detriment than a gift. Sometimes our bodies are defeated and just don’t know it. But our minds do. This makes the decision to under go assisted suicide all the more difficult. People that follow through with this course of action are incredibly brave. They have had to overcome their own bodies, their own natural instinct to fight because their higher knowledge can see reality. The strength that this must take!

Then there is the opposite where the body is in form to continue but the mind is not. Where the mind has given up and it is the body that dictates survival. There are many reasons for this to happen, none of which are pleasant, but mostly the need is the same, compassion. People that find themselves in this state need compassion more than anything. They need to not be judged.

Almost as strong as our will to living is our humanity. Our compassion for our fellow “man” and inane need to protect and care for each other. You would be surprised how people come together to survive and thrive. Or maybe you have already seen or experienced it. We not only have the instinct to survive ourselves but to have those around us survive with us. Incredible creatures aren’t we!


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