#Yogalosophy Day 1 Journal


So fittingly the challenge starts off with setting an intention for what you want. This may sound easy at first but I feel like I need to dig deeper than the obvious, to be healthier and thinner.

I think what I really want is to regain some of myself back from what I lost over the last few years. I have lived through a series of traumatic and demeaning events and I think what I need is to be able to be the person I am and not have to feel scared by what I’ve been through. I don’t want to be haunted by the past but instead inspired by the future. I think my anxiety would lessen and become controlled and I think I could fully feel the happiness I have found in our new life.

So although it may be a tall order, I think my intention is self healing.

Ok so since it’s the first day I will include a picture of yours truly and then every week through the challenge. Hopefully this will reflect what a great job I’m doing 😉. At the very least it should be an encouragement to stay on task.



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