Yogalosophy Journal Day 3


So this is actually for yesterday, I’m just having time to write it now. Yesterday was about listening to and appreciating your senses. Most of us really do take them for granted and don’t take the time to really enjoy what’s around us. I am guilty of this. So I used a nice smelling candle during yoga, had a nice long walk where I enjoyed the sites and a wonderfully hot shower that felt great after being wet and cold!

Yoga teaches us to become aware. Aware of our self, body, breathing and thoughts and aware of our surroundings. It is a chance to be completely present in the moment. This may sound easy but it is no small task. I know personally that most times when I’m doing my yoga practice my puppy is jumping on me or the phone is ringing or my kids are asking for juice. So finding that moment of pure peace and awareness is like finding the holy grail. Ok I watch too much Indiana Jones! But just because something is difficult or less than ideal doesn’t mean it not worth doing. Everyday I try to remind myself of this. Somedays it’s easy for me to see and other days I just want to give up.

In my profession I work with people that have failing or diminished senses. I can see how this affects many aspects of your life. Many of us would be lost without our senses and although we would learn to adapt, we would be always missing something. So I want to take the time to experience my senses as hard as they may be.


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