The Xmas Star of Pressure

I’m about as far from being a religious person as you can get so in our house Xmas is about family and friends and Santa Clause. Having such a huge day based mostly in materialistic gain can bare down a ton of pressure on parents, especially when one is a minimalist to begin with. And just so we’re clear, that’s not me.

My husband rightly believes that going into massive debt for a holiday is crazy and should not be done. He gets it into his head the things he thinks they will actually play with or use and goes with it, keeping cost at the minimum of what is possible. For me it’s about not disappointing the three little precious gifts I have on Xmas morning. Every thing that they ask for tugs at my heart strings and if I didn’t use my head at all we’d not only be broke but our house would be filled to the brim. So hubby is right for the most part. He is very good at knowing what they like. But sometimes he misses some of their requests which breaks my heart the morning of.

TV does not help either. There is so much for kids to choose from now, it most seem overwhelming even to them. It’s like the sky’s the limit. But there has to be a limit. I find it hard to determine what they want the most as a possed to what is a fade to be forgotten right after it comes out of the box. No easy task. And the price of everything! Yikes!

So what’s the solution ? I hate to say it but listen to the hubby. I think the biggest lesson I want to teach my kids now is being happy with less. I want them to not want everything they see. Perhaps I can save them the learning of lesson later in life when your income doesn’t allow for everything you see.


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