#Yogalosophy Journal Day 4

Be Grateful

So today’s chapter is about being grateful. I find this fitting seeing as I just wrote a blog about how meeting my kid’s Xmas expectations is stressing me out. Gratitude is a funny thing. It’s easy to say we should be grateful or happy with what we have but its in our nature to want what we don’t have. For instance I have very curly hair, but would love to have straight hair. Most people would love the curls but because their mine I want something else. It’s almost like there is no chance of having fulfilment. Except that I can’t believe that. And I think this chapter hits in why and how it can be possible.

It talks about being grateful with what you have in order to accept more. So if your good with where you start you can be happy with where you are going. Giving though and daily thanks for you body, life and people is a humbling act. Perhaps if you are humbled you can have a greater appreciation for anything new that comes in your life or any triumphs or changes you make.

She also talks about being grateful for the bad or difficult things in life too because of what you will come away with from them. I can relate to this. In fact it speaks quit loudly to me. Our family experienced a traumatic few years that culminated in us losing everything including our home. Even though this brought us grief, pain and anguish, it also brought us to a new and better life. We have a freedom and happiness now that would never have been possible where we were before. So even though we had to walk through fire and experience the most difficult challenge of our lives thus far, we came out in a world of hope and light.

From now on the book asks for a gratitude list daily and I want to embrace this. Even encourage the rest of my family to join in. So here is mine for today.

• my family
• my friends
• my new town
• my inner strength
• my outer strength
• my worst day
• my yoga practice
• my good health


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