Twas The Day Before Christmas

New take on an old classic

Twas the day before Christmas and right from the start
The kids were excited and joyous at heart

From early this morning they had begun to bounce
For “tonight Santa” is coming they proudly announce.

Running and cheering and circling the tree
Trying to guess which packages are “for me”

I in my sweat pants and papa just finishing work
Both of us promising not to act like a jerk

Baking cookies for Santa and last minute shopping
Picking up Grandma and preparing for neighbours stopping

The kids full of anticipation
And parents wishing they were on vacation

Looking up Santa on NORAD’s tracker
Fending off the kids who are a snacker

Oh when will he be here, how much longer to wait
All year we’ve been looking forward to this special date

The buying of presents and wrapping galore
Everyday saying ” just one more store!”

So now that’s here us parents agree
Off to bed early so we can be free

Knowing how early the morning will come
We need some relaxing before all the fun

But all the work and the money we spend
Are worth the smiles and laughter in the end

So enjoy the little moments of the holiday
Soon it will be over and the kids will say

“Let the countdown begin for Santa next year.”
In the mean time have a big glass of holiday cheer!



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