Body Trap

I am like most women my age who have had kids - pudgy around the middle. We seem to have been caught in a trap of never being able to lose and keep off the weight we gained from carrying our children. I guess it's an understandable occurrence,  the thing is, our mothers didn't seem... Continue Reading →


CRAZY Little Secret 

I am and have always been somewhat of a social chameleon.  That is to say, I adapt to the people and situations around me to fit in.  This is probably a result of being an only child; you know how we're desperate for attention and all.  Perhaps though many people are the same, and few... Continue Reading →

Reno Realities 

T.V. Lies!  Well at least when it comes to home improvement. They make it look like it's easy, tidy and even fast.  Nothing could be further from the truth!  I've lived through A LOT of renovations and construction; we built onto  our old house while living in it, and I know first hand the heartaches... Continue Reading →

Rules of Engagement

I've never been a flirt. In fact I'd say I'm pretty clueless on a whole when it comes to engaging in or recognizing flirtation. In most cases I don't clue in till it's too late and I'm stuck In one of those awkward OHHHH......moments. It truly is a good thing I didn't have to "shop... Continue Reading →

Each New Day

I'm convinced that everyday we all wake up and question who we are, where we are and what we are "meant" to be doing with our lives. And at the end of those days we go to bed no closer to having those answers than when we woke that morning.  I don't think this is... Continue Reading →

Best Friends Forever 

Friendship is a curious thing.  There are different degrees of friendship, and some of them take no effort at all on your part, while others are more of a committed relationship that takes work.  All forms though have value in our lives. I figure that there are three different types of friends. The fist is... Continue Reading →

Bear Country?

When we moved north two years ago I really thought that I would practically live with the animals. We saw animals all the time on and around the farm, so it stood to reason that up north there would be more. In fact the second day here I was warned by a guy in a... Continue Reading →

Good or Poor Sport?

I'm an only child.  Growing up I had friends to play with and my mom always instilled in my the importance of sharing and playing fair.  We didn't have video games and hardly watched TV, so we played a lot of games. I can remember playing with my grandparents and how much I loved it.... Continue Reading →


I think it's important to get satisfaction in many aspects of your life.  Everything in your life can't always make you happy or fulfilled, but you need to be able to derive satisfaction in even small ways to make the daily grind possible.   Some of us are lucky enough to achieve this professionally. We... Continue Reading →

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