Feeling Female

“What are little girls made of? 

       Sugar and spice and everything nice!”
This phrase makes me wonder what happens to all that sugar and spice once we hit puberty.  Once we become a “woman” it seems like we become made of hormones, cramps and wild mood swings.  Not to validate the stereotype men have of us females, but it isn’t easy being green – I mean a girl. In fact one of the fundamental biological functions that make us female, makes us feel anything but “feminine”.  Once a month many of us feel like we’ve just become a giant whale whose been harpooned in the gut and left to enjoy our own demise for the next week.  It isn’t pretty,  and if men only knew the half of it the mood swings may make more sense to them.  
Ok so some of you may be thinking I’m being mellow dramatic here, and perhaps I am, but truly it’s easy to feel that way when your body turns on you every month.  I guess it should feel like a renewal or perhaps even a relief depending on your situation.  To me it feels unnecessary.  I am done being a procreator.  I have contributed my three perfect children to the world and would now like to be rewarded by being left in peace, biologically speaking.  Too bad there’s no reasoning with Mother Nature.. Typical girl!


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