I am a strange one. I love animals. I love trees and flowers. I love fish and reptiles. Basically I believe that ALL life is precious – even bugs. But I do like to eat meat.  So am I a hypocrite?

Ok so there’s a spider in my house or a beatle, I will actually try to get it outside before I go straight for the killing of it. I tell my kids all the time not to kill things just because they can.  I don’t even like to pick flowers because you are essentially killing them.  I turn my head when animals get killed in movies or shows. It makes me sadder than the people most of the time.  Nice person that I am. 

But….. I have been and would go hunting again.  I have killed animals out of necessity or food.  I will eat pretty much any kind of meat you put in front of me. Seafood- I’m all over it!  I helped my husband “deal” with the meat after a kill. And knowing where it comes from, I eat meat everyday. 
So what is with me??? How can I be so two sided?  How can I make such a strange separation ?  Well one answer is that I do believe in balance in nature and survival of the fitest. I think we are meant to eat meat. Our bodies are designed for it.   I think that the development of our minds has made the duality of this hard to manage. I puzzle myself on this subject. How can I, right now be pining over a poor little starving bear in the neighbourhood, while eating my Jamacian Beef patty?  I am a strange one!  


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