Kicking Myself 

Ever have those moments where you’re kicking yourself for the way you’ve been raising your kids?
Like not “Oh my God I’ve raised a monster”, moment but a “great now you’re a picky eater” moment.   Or, like I just had, a “why did I let them play video games and watch tv” moment.  It happens every now and then when I’m talking to a parent or grandparent and they say something about their kids/grandkids not doing either of these things and only playing outside. I always sit in quiet contemplation as to how my kids ended up being the occasional media zombies they are.  I pass quiet judgement on myself and revel in my regret.  Then I usually try to remind myself that I did have twins and that my eldest is only 21 months older than them and that if I hadn’t had media I probably would be bald now because it gave me that small sanctuary of sanity in the form of a little break.  In all honesty it still does.  
I’m not sure that any of this justifies using media as a temporary babysitter of sorts. But for those of us who aren’t strong enough to resist this easy way of dealing with the stress and exhaustion of kids, it sure does the trick. And to be fair we do play games as a family, both video and otherwise and I love  watching the kids’ movies with them.  Even some of the tv shows. Hey I’m a kid at heart!  

So I’m I just being to hard on myself or did I really miss the parenting boat on this one??  And will I ever stop feeling guilty for it???


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