I think it’s important to get satisfaction in many aspects of your life.  Everything in your life can’t always make you happy or fulfilled, but you need to be able to derive satisfaction in even small ways to make the daily grind possible.  
Some of us are lucky enough to achieve this professionally. We have jobs that give us that joy of accomplishment or even, like in my case the feeling of making a difference in another person’s life.  I love my job and even though some days are hard, I feel good having done that day’s work. 
Being a parent gives you satisfaction too. Some days. Other days it wears on you and makes you feel like a failure.  These are the days when you remind yourself how much you love your children and you hang on to those moments when they make you smile. 
I find though that having just one aspect of your life giving you satisfaction is not enough.  You really do need balance in all aspects of your life. And that’s the tricky part isn’t it?!  That’s where I’m at now. Trying to find the balance that brings it all together. Learning what’s important and what isn’t and what I can live without and what I can’t.  But the hardest part is being realistic about all of it. Being realistic about the timeline isn’t easy either.  I’m determined though, to get some satisfaction. 


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