Good or Poor Sport?

I’m an only child.  Growing up I had friends to play with and my mom always instilled in my the importance of sharing and playing fair.  We didn’t have video games and hardly watched TV, so we played a lot of games. I can remember playing with my grandparents and how much I loved it.  I can also remember going through the painful stage when I took losing personally.  It seemed like the end of the world and often it resulted in me crying or pouting. Well I guess karma has come around to visit me because my son is now going through the same stage. 
Of my three kids, one is more competitive than the others. He is good at sports and games, not sure this affects it, but so was I.  Even though he isn’t devoted to any one thing, he does tend to take it seriously when he is playing it. If he loses or it doesn’t go the way he wants, the pouting and stomping begins.  It makes it hard to play with him.  I don’t remember how my family dealt with me in this stage, other than it being made clear that if I acted poorly than there would be no playing of games for me.  I guess this worked, because I don’t take games that seriously now.  I mean I do have a little competitive streak, to the point where I try to win and enjoy it.  But I still make the best of it if I’m losing. I try to have fun either way.  I want my son to get to this point, but getting him there is gonna be a challenge.  One I’m finding very difficult. I think it’s the boy factor – all that testosterone.  


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