Bear Country?

When we moved north two years ago I really thought that I would practically live with the animals. We saw animals all the time on and around the farm, so it stood to reason that up north there would be more. In fact the second day here I was warned by a guy in a truck, who did a u-turn that there was a bear in the vicinity, as I walked my dog. But here’s the thing, I haven’t seen one single bear. I barely see squirrels!   My co workers and neighbours and even clients see bears, moose, even foxes; but not me!
I’m beginning to feel like the guy who never saw Polk-a-ro.   Remember him?  I think it was Polk-a-dot door, and he was never around when the crazy creature in the costume came around.  Of course part of his problem was that , he WAS the guy in the costume.  Or at least that’s what  I always figured.  I come so close sometime to seeing a bear, in town, right up at people’s doors, but no, I always miss it.  I must be my own bear repellent. People tell me to be careful what I wish for, that one day I’ll walk right into one, but no, I have no such luck.  

I don’t have a death wish or anything I just really want to see one close up.  Especially when you are told you are living in bear country and the whole way of life here revolves around bear proofing.  It’s kinda like going to the circus and not seeing any clowns.  Not saying I’m looking forward to the clowns, just wouldn’t seem right if I never saw one!
Well I guess I just have to wait. I’m not dumb enough to bait one. I have too much respect for animals to do that.  Still, I keep my hopes up and think maybe around that corner????  Maybe if I just keep looking out that window……



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