In The Wee Hours 

There’s something peaceful about working the night shift. Unless of course you work in a hospital and then you have my sympathies!  But I work in a nice quiet assisted living facility, where not a lot happens at night.  Mostly. 

It’s a little strange to be surrounded by sleeping people. Like being the keeper of the Sleeping Beauty story – when all the kingdom is under a spell.  Your job is simply to protect the kingdom until the spell is broken. Or in my case, until the sun comes up.  

Strange things can happen in the night. People awake confused, weird noises make you jump, animals lurk around the building and sometimes people pass on. Overall though it’s a quiet time. No hussle or bussle. No loud noises. Just peace. Maybe that’s why I don’t mind working night shift. It’s a real change from my everyday crazy life. 


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