Mirror, Mirror

We all know this one, " mirror, mirror on the wall; whose the fairest of them all?" From the Disney Classic Snow White. The evil queen desperate for validation seeks approval from anyone she can. Her obsession going so far as to want to take another's life just for being prettier. We can all relate... Continue Reading →

Negative Noose

 You would be hard pressed to go through life never encountering negativity. It's everywhere. A fact of life. The question is not will you experience negativity, but how will you deal with it when you do?  Negativity is like a black hole. It likes to pull everything into it in an all consuming way. I'm... Continue Reading →

Stand True

For a lot of us self assertion is of great difficulty. We worry about others feeling, putting our own aside, even to our detriment. For some of us it's because we crave acceptance and what better way to be accepted than to allow the other person to have everything they want?! Being an only child,... Continue Reading →

Now I See

I saw you standing there; You looked so sad, so tired and worn down.  I wondered how you got there.  Where all you joy, and spunk had gone.  It was shocking to see you.  I hadn't realized how bad it had got.  But I don't look at you often.  I don't really SEE you.  And... Continue Reading →

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