Negative Noose

 You would be hard pressed to go through life never encountering negativity. It’s everywhere. A fact of life. The question is not will you experience negativity, but how will you deal with it when you do?  Negativity is like a black hole. It likes to pull everything into it in an all consuming way. I’m sure you’ve all heard the phrase “misery loves company.” So when you encounter people that are negative or in a negative place in their life, the last thing they want is to see you or anyone else happy. They want you to feel as miserable as them. They either feel threatened, jealous or just low and can’t deal with seeing something they don’t have. Happiness, positivity, change. Unfortunately it is so very easy to lose your own happy and get pulled into the negativity. To then get pulled into the drama that comes with negativity. 

There have been several times in my life where I’ve been in situations that engulfed me, entangled me, or pulled me into negativity. And let me tell you, it has never ended well. There is such a fine line between standing up for yourself and trying to be right. To stand up for yourself is to voice your opinions, concerns and needs in a non aggressive but assertive manner. If you can’t be heard in this, yelling louder will not make you heard. If you cannot get what you need, whether it’s through compromise or not, than you must walk away. This is not the place, relationship, organization for you. You need to find where you fit. 
Being right means that you stood up for yourself and even though you can see no resolve, you continue because you have to prove that you are right. Your actions and words become much less logical and even aggressive. Being right eclipses the original problem. In these cases, no one wins. 

Then there are times when you are a third party and dragged into negativity through gossip, or conflict amongst friends/coworkers/family. This can be the hardest as you have less control over the conflict. In these cases, although it’s the hardest thing to do, separation from it is the best way to do it. Allow the parties involved you want no part. Find a neutral ground. 

Living in a positive light with positive intentions is a harder task that one would think. It takes more effort and harder choices to remain out of drama and conflict. But in the end, it is what can give you a happy life! When you live happiness, you feel happiness and you pass happiness on to others. It can be a wonderful thing! This is the place that I want to be in. To always choose to put out good karma and avoid getting pulled into negativity. It won’t be easy but I can do it. Some people will always be negative. They thrive on it, encourage others to do the same. These are the people that need avoiding. That need to be shown kindness when encountered, and avoided when possible. Making choices to not have people like this in your life is difficult but in the end well worth the effort. 


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