Mirror, Mirror

We all know this one, ” mirror, mirror on the wall; whose the fairest of them all?” From the Disney Classic Snow White. The evil queen desperate for validation seeks approval from anyone she can. Her obsession going so far as to want to take another’s life just for being prettier. We can all relate I’m sure. The green eyed monster rears it’s ugly head at least once in everyone’s life. The thing about Snow White though, was that she was not just another pretty face. She was pure of heart. She was kind, caring and compassionate. All traits that made most flock to her and live her. So was it really the pretty face the evil queen despised? Or was that her own heart had long been eroded by vanity?There are lots of thing the mirror can’t see. It can’t show us our personality or our good hearts. It can’t reflect back to us the positive choices we make or influences we have on our world and people around us. But what if it could? What if when you looked in the mirror you didn’t see fault with your appearance, or even vanity over your beauty; but instead saw the purity of your heart. What if you could look in the mirror with love and kindness? What if you could see that you are much more than the face that stares back at you?

I strive for this every time I look in the mirror. I used to avoid mirrors, not wanting to see my imperfections and how much I was letting myself down. Now I don’t mind looking. I enjoying seeing the changing I am making through better health choices. I look into my eyes instead of scrutinizing for imperfections. The eyes show you a lot. Try looking in yours and the others. What do they tell you about what is going on inside? Usually a lot. 

I’ve decided that the mirror is not my enemy, nor is it the judge of who is fairest. We are all beautiful in our own way and should embrace this in ourselves and others. If the mirror is reflecting something ugly back you then you should change what you see. And chances are it’s not your appearance that needs changing, but the pureness of your heart. The happiness and love that you hold within will ultimately be what makes you look beautiful to others and yourself.  


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