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Video games are more popular than even and you’d be hard pressed to find a kid out there who hasn’t played one. There’s a lot of controversy and debate over the worth and problems that arise from our children being raised in a technical world, but honestly I believe it’s like anything else, moderation is key. 
In our household we play video games as a family. We take turns with the games we play and in the games themselves. We play against each other and in team work scenarios.  I believe that there are worthy lessons to be learned from video games.  Here are some of them:
1.  Creativity. 

Many games encourage kids to make things or entire worlds, like Minecraft. Sometimes there are boundaries or limits to what they make, but often it is a completely open platform. Some games even allow for kids to make their own games with the system, like Roblox. 
2.  Teamwork 

Many games involve working with other players either in the same room or over the Internet. It seems noteworthy to point out that learning to work with people you don’t know and are elsewhere is bound to come in handy in our ever evolving world. And yes sports also promote teamwork, but not all kids are good at sports. 
3. Reality Check 

This one requires a little help from the parents.  Giving young people the insight to recognize what is real and what isn’t is a very important lesson. Video games give us this opportunity. To teach our children that these platforms are based in fantasy is a golden opportunity for parents. Just like movies and tv we suspend our beliefs and buy into the fantasy for a short time. Video games allow us a brief moment to dabble in fantasy and knowing this gives kids the power to dechipher their world and the fantasy world. 
There are of course downfalls to video games and over exposure is ultimately a bad thing for anyone. The onus is on parents to ensure their children are not over exposed and that the games they play are age appropriate. 
As I said before in our house we play as a family. And I have to admit some of these games are ridiculously hard. They take coordination and quick thinking, not really my strong points.  I do love the time spent with the kids, no matter how hard the game. And I also love that my kids are always willing to teach mom how to play. Or at least try. 


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