The Definition of Me

The question of what defines us as individuals has been asked by many professionals and individuals alike.  For some of us it’s our careers, for others it’s our heritage and for some their baggage.  I think for all of us though there is an element of our personalities that we each cling to and derive our self importance from. Something that we perhaps feel we would be remembered for or even revered for.  For instance one thing I would personally love to have the privilege of defining myself as is a writer. 
For as long as I can remember I have written.   Poetry, short stories and blogs. I have this constant narrative of stories in my head but lack the discipline to put them down on paper in completion. Long have I wanted to write and publish a novel. Probably a dream of most writers.  But it takes a great deal of discipline and dedication to see that kind of body of work through.  Getting closer to 40 and working with people at the end of their time has given me a new sense of living life fully and have therefore made it my goal to change my procrastinating and undisciplined ways. So I began writing a novel.  
For the past few months I have been working on one and have even taken the step of making a story board and timeline. I  have 8 chapters written and although making the time to write is challenging, I feel better for it.  It is as if the action of purging the stories helps make me more sane.  Well at least slightly. So I hope to stay more true to my desire and ability to finish at least one novel in my life. Even if it never gets published. Although it would be really nice if it does!


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