Poor Patient

I am such a baby when I’m sick!  And it seems that it only getting worse as I get older.  Or perhaps it’s as my kids get older.  It’s almost like the instincts that give me “mommy mode” know that the kids are old enough to entertain themselves for long enough while I nap, or make themselves a snack or get a drink.  This was defiantly not the case as little as a couple of years ago.    So now that I can be a little less “on guard”  I can have my turn at being the big baby because my throat hurts and I can’t swallow, and my nose it stuffed up and now I’m coughing.  Oh yeah I forgot the part where everything, even my teeth hurts.  Yeah that’s fun.  I’m just glade that my hubby accepts my baby like complaining, although he does do his fair share when he is sick.


What I don’t get is WHY I’m sick.  I take vitamins like they are going out of style and try to eat healthy, most of the time and I have been more active of late.  So what’s with this attack on my immune system?????  I sometimes wonder if when you are going along busy with life, something HAS to HAPPEN to throw you a curve ball.  Yeah that sounds about right.


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