A Long Journey

I’m going to empathize long here! Driving over 3000 kms in a truck with your spouse, three kids, dog and let’s not forget the hamster is the definition of insanity! At least I’m pretty sure it comes close to it. I’m lucky really. No one got hurt or hurt each other and we are all still taking to one another. But there were times it got a little hairy!

Adventures always sound good when you’re planning them. In practice it’s a different matter. Not saying I regret our journey at all, just that it was not as easy a feat as it sounds in the planning stages.   Canada is a beautiful country and seeing it while on the road is awesome. Who knew we have so many trees?!  But there are only so many rounds of “eye spy” and times you can listen to the four songs your kids actually like before everyone starts to go a little stir crazy in confined quarters.   I have no idea how sailors on ships or in submarines do it.  I’d lose it, FAST.    And settling down in a hotel room at the end of a 10 hour day is not nearly as relaxing as it sounds.  “Let’s get a place that has a pool” we said.  Thinking that would occupy the kids and give us some relaxation.  NOT with a dog it doesn’t.  Nothing like parental shift work to ensure four legged baby number four doesn’t get us kicked out with her whining and barking while the three other children have a safe play time in the hotel pool.  Bonus of this was a little alone time while the one who stayed in the room gets their turn at the pool solo.  You just don’t think of these things when you are playing a road trip.


It wasn’t all bad of course.  There is a real element of togetherness that happens when you do something like this.  This wasn’t the first time we had picked up, left everything behind a moved on, but this time it was planned.  We most definitely pull together as a family when the cards are down and we have a lot laughs and hugs.  My kids are champs at making their own fun and keeping each other happy (the odd fight set aside).  I’m extremely proud of them for that!  It was an amazing experience too to travel across country.  The ferry ride being the most amazing part.  I think we all thoroughly enjoyed that!  We also enjoyed our Bobo the Bigfoot tag along!  It gave us a fun way to record our adventures.  Canada is beautiful!




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