Making A Home

The act of finding a suitable place to live is another one of those crazy unpredictable things in life. You may have one idea of how it should go, but chances are it won’t end up that way.

We had a set idea in our head that we would live in the downtown core and have the luxury of walking everywhere.  People warned us when we were looking that the downtown wasn’t necessarily the best place to raise a family, and once we got there, we realized why.  Back in our “before kids” years the downtown core would have been an awesome place to live.  Great architecture, neat ambiance and full of life.  Kids and a dog however make it the complete wrong choice.  So we looked elsewhere.  Suburbia.  I grew up in suburbia, in a different province of course but very similar to how it is here.  Truly the definition of kid friendly living.  Parks, quieter streets and schools close by.  Doesn’t hurt that where our house is there are many stores close by.  What a novelty after all these years!!


So now we have house, next comes furniture.  Now I don’t know how it is for all of you, but in my world we don’t buy expensive things because, well we have three kids and a dog.   They tend to wreck things, fast.  So we have been looking online for used furniture.  Our beds though, we bought new.  Well the mattresses anyways, the bed frames my husband got his inner carpenter on and is making.  Two done today in fact.  I’m super proud of him for doing it.  It’s definitely out of his comfort zone but he has a lot more practical knowledge than he gives himself credit for.  It’s got to be a sign of a good father if he is willing to put some sweat into making furniture for his kids!


I’m really hoping that besides some “homey” touches, that we are done with major purchases for a while.  Geeze it’s pricey to furnish a house, even second hand!  Money seems to have a way of leaking out of our hands!  But it does make a difference to sit in a house with things than empty.  Feels a little more like home!


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