The Power of Happy

Do you have the moments when all the stresses of life melt away and you are consumed by a wave of happiness? They can be simple moments. Times when the universe aligns for a moment and everything seems right. A random heartfelt hug from your child; a perfect date with someone you love; a trip that gives you peace. These moments are often fleeting unfortunately but when they happen you MUST stop and savour them!

I had one of these moments today. We went to a new beach on a bay and like much of Newfoundland, it was beautiful. Now the whole trip wasn't perfect because taking children somewhere means listening to, "I'm hungry", " How long are we going to be here?", "He/she's bugging me", "I'm thirsty". Coupled with repeating yourself a hundred times everything you say something to your kids. But there were moments where it was just perfect. Where I felt happy. One of those moments didn't even involve people. I was looking out over the bay and all the sudden I saw a dark figure moving in the water and then a fin breached the surface. Seeing whales so close is an awe inspiring experience! I love water and just standing there in the cold water watching the whale made me feel content. Another moment happened with my daughter. The boys had finished lunch and were wandering back towards the water while my daughter and I sat for a moment longer. She laid her hard in my shoulder and said "I love you mom!" It just doesn't get any better!

So I guess my point is that life is busy, but sometimes you just have to stop and let yourself enjoy it!


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