Blissfully Loud

I LOVE yoga! In fact I have a daily practice (give it take a Sunday here and there) at home with my favourite YouTube yoga teacher Adriene. It gives me peace and exercise all in one. A self journey so to speak. No that’s exactly what it is. It’s my religion. As a part of this I also meditate and practice mindfulness. But if I were to try to convince you that I lead a peaceful and tranquil life or that my practice is done in a blissfully quiet and serene setting, I’d be lying! There is absolutely NOTHING blissful or serene about my practice. Let alone my home where I do it. But if I waited for that “perfect ” moment, time or opportunity, well let’s just say I’d never do it and it would never come.

Buddhism says that the only constant or surety in life is change. And I have to agreed. No matter what the hours pass by, the grass still grows and the sun still shines (somewhere). If you spend your life waiting for “that” moment to come, it’ll probably pass you by. I’m not trying to be preachy here just speaking from experience. I have more could have, would have, should haves than most people. However, none of that matters because I’m HERE right NOW. And if my life has taught me anything it’s that you cease the moment, because you have no clue what the next one is going to be. This isn’t at all easy if course, but it is so very important to truly enjoying the precious time we have.

This I guess brings me back to yoga. More often than not my yoga is done to a soundtrack of “MOM!?” and YouTube’s in the background. To the dog barking and the sound of something dropping. Not exactly the ideal sounds of serenity, but it doesn’t matter because life keeps going and as long as I find my moment to practice self love and find happiness, then nothing is wrong.

My kids know that mommy is doing yoga and although that doesn’t stop the requests, they do understand that I will finish before any requests are fulfilled. In fact I have recently started doing yoga with my kids. They grumble, but I hope that I can instill in them the importance of self care.

So matter what is happening around you, remember that you ARE important and deserve to find your bliss. Even amongst the noise!

PS. My yoga at home teacher is Adriene and can be found in YouTube under “Yoga with Adriene “. She is awesome and for all levels. Give her a try for free!! Always free by the way! She really is an amazing teacher! Click the link below

Yoga with Adriene


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