Excuse Me, Pardon Me

I am continually shocked by the absolute lack of manners, respect and adherence to the rules of etiquette that exists in our society!! As intelligent as we humans have become, the ability to be respectful of those around us seems to still be elusive.

A prime example of this is something I see every morning as I wait for my bus. Not to pick on smokers but there seems to be a general lack of concern amongst to them for people sharing the same air and space. Every day I stand in the shelter with the smashed out walls because the smokers are huddled inside the completely intact shelter smoking. There are clearly marked signs forbidding smoking anywhere near the platform for the buses, let alone the shelter, but that stops no one. And when I mentioned this to a driver, hoping for someone to be dispatched to rectify it, all I receive is consomiseration for how rude they are and how they enter the bus blowing smoke in his face. Unfortunate but not particularly helpful.

So are we just prisoners to the rude and inconsiderate??? Should we have to be understanding of their ignorance and just “let it go” or “pick our battles”? The problem with confronting people with their rudeness is that they most likely don’t know that what they are doing is rude. It becomes more like a battle of who is right as apposed to an kind of resolution. Which then makes you look just as rude as them. The last thing I want to do when I’m out and about in my daily life is battle it out with people. So they just get away with it most of the time. There are situations where you have no choice but to speak up, like if you or your family’s safe is at stake.

There are tons of apps made for devices, it would sure be helpful if someone made one that told people when their behaviour is inappropriate and rude.


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